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* Providing every aspect of piano service to Colorado’s Front Range area.

* Specializing in Steinway & Bosendorfer.

* Concert Technician for Boulder Bach Festival.

* Concert Technician for Boulder Chamber Orchestra.

* A 100% wind-powered business through Xcel Energy’s Windsource program.

* Zero-emissions (all electric) service vehicles.


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Welcome To Renaissance Piano

Founded in 1987 by Registered Piano Technician Trevor Nelson with a passion to combine the best of old-world craftsmanship with modern piano service techniques, we provide all aspects of piano service to the Greater Denver and Boulder areas, although customers have shipped pianos from across the country to us to work on.  We specialize in Steinway & Bosendorfer, but service all brands of pianos, and love uncovering the potential hidden in any piano of any quality.

Trevor has been a Registered Piano Technician member of the Piano Technicians Guild for 30 years, and has been active on many levels of the organization, from local to national, from putting on conferences to contributing to professional journals and presenting at international symposia.   PTG provides many annual conferences and classes around the country, and Trevor has attended hundreds of these, as well as traveling to piano factories, in order to gain as much depth and breadth of knowledge as possible to bring to bear on each piano he works on.  The field of Piano Technology has advanced greatly over the last 30 years, with new advances in tools, techniques and concepts occurring constantly.  

Our services include piano tuning; touch and tone improvement; complete restoration including actions, pinblocks and soundboards; piano humidity and climate control solutions; piano refinishing; rental of high quality grand pianos (mostly Steinway); sales of fine pianos (again, mostly Steinway) and piano storage. 

Only the Best

Trained in Europe at the Bosendorfer Factory, Vienna.  Specializing in Steinway and Bosendorfer.

“We are glad to recommend Mr. Nelson to anybody who might ask for his services. We are happy to know we can rely on a technician such as himself to service our customers. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with him.”

Dr. Peter Lemell, CEO, Bösendorfer Piano Factory, Vienna, Austria, 1992

Piano tuning done the traditional way: by ear.  When we tune your piano, we bring to bear our thirty+ years of experience tuning thousands of pianos, to give you the best possible tuning.

We have a lovely selection of wonderful pianos for sale, focusing on affordable Steinways and other brands of high quality.  Check out our selection!  The piano of your dreams may be here.  

We have one of the only collections of Steinway grand pianos in the USA that are available for long-term rental.  Contact us to see how you can have a Steinway in your home, inexpensively.

Piano Refinishing

Highest quality closed-pore, hand-rubbed finishes, just how they were done 100 years ago.  You won’t find a higher quality piano finish anywhere.

Piano Restoration

Bring your piano back to life, and back to its original potential.  We specialize in all aspects of restoration: new soundboards, pinblocks, bridges, actions, strings, etc.  We even duplicate original keysets.

Just as important as tuning is keeping the touch and tone as good as when the piano left the factory.  Periodic adjustments to both tone and touch make your piano a pleasure to play.

A Zero-Emissions Business

When you buy a restored or pre-owned piano from us instead of buying a new one, you divert from production about 600lbs of wood, steel, iron, copper, and other materials used in pianos.   That’s significant, and great for the earth. 

On our end, all the electricity for our business is zero-emissions, coming from 100% wind power.  That same windpower charges our three Tesla electric service vehicles.  It just seems the right thing to do. 

Piano Storage

For those times in your life when you need to store your piano somewhere, we offer full-service, including the move and storage in our climate-controlled facility.   

Colorado’s very dry climate can be very hard on pianos, causing cracked soundboards, cracked pinblocks, tuning instability, clicks, rattles, etc. Climate control systems maintain your piano at 42% relative humidity year-round, protecting your piano and extending its life.


What People are Saying

“I won’t let anyone else touch my Steinway”

Ward T, Steinway Grand

“The piano has never sounded more beautiful”

Toni M, Hamburg Steinway Grand

“I can’t thank you enough”

Barbara B, Kawai Grand

“The utmost professional technician”

Bryan T, Yamaha Grand
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What makes a piano go out of tune?

Did you know that every May, pretty much every piano in Colorado goes out of tune?  And every October?  The reason is that pianos (and any instrument made from wood) are extremely sensitive to changes in humidity.Humid air swells all the wood in your...

Steinway Sale!

We are currently having a piano sale, featuring some of our lovely Steinway, Schimmel, Essex and Hazelton pianos.  Steinway uprights from $6,000 and grand pianos from $9,000.  Contact us for more info if you're interested in learning more.


Our shop is located at our home in Boulder, CO.

Our piano gallery is located at an upscale commercial storage facility in Lafayette, CO.

Please contact us if you would like to see our pianos.

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