Climate Control System

Maintaining the health and tune of your piano has a lot to do with maintaining consistent humidity to your instrument. The climate control system we install inside the piano provides both humidifying and dehumidifying. It is almost invisible and is easy to maintain..


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Keep your piano from being affected by humidity changes

Piano Climate Control

As a fundamental component of complete piano care, it protects your piano from the undesirable effects of extreme or fluctuating humidity levels. The Piano Life Saver System will enable your instrument to maintain proper pitch between tunings and protect the myriad of tiny wooden parts that make up a piano. A stable piano will be more enjoyable to play and listen to while rewarding your fingers with a consistent, proper touch.

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What Piano Technicians are Saying

“I have seen many System installations that have actually “saved the life” of the piano, where, if they had waited one or two more years, severe structural damage would have occurred.”

Ric, Windsor, Ontario

“The Piano Life Saver helps to avoid having to have pinblocks replaced, soundboard cracks and
loose ribs repaired, additional action work; Tunings hold better, so twice a year tunings are

Lyle, RPT, Muskegon, MI

“[The System] reduces need for additional tunings, stops string deterioration due to humidity, keeps action free, preserves regulation longer, protects pinblock and
soundboard (restringing and replacing action parts can cost $6,500).”

Keith, RPT, Landrum, SC

“Improvements with the System: Increased tuning and regulation stability, fewer repairs, increased tuning pin torque, stabilized soundboards and bridges.”

John, Colorado Springs, CO

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