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1906 Steinway “Josef Lhevinne” Model A Special Edition in ribbon mahogany.

This was the rehearsal piano provided by Steinway & Sons to the immortal Josef Lhevinne, one of the greatest pianists of all time, when he was performing in Denver in 1907.  The piano was delivered to his hotel room, so that he could rehearse in peace and quiet.  Just a week prior, he had played a command performance for President Roosevelt.  The piano is signed and dated by him, making it extremely rare.  Newspaper articles and memorabilia accompany the piano.  “His tone was like the morning stars singing together, his technique was flawless even if measured against the fingers of Hofmann and Rachmaninoff, and his musicianship was sensitive.”  Enjoy this extremely rare opportunity to own and play the very keys played by the great master. 


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1985 Steinway Model M Grand Piano – SOLD

This gorgeous 1985 Steinway Model M in ebony was only lightly played and shows hardly any wear.  If you walked up to it without knowing, you would think it was a brand new Steinway.  The 2018 model of this piano sells for $74,300 if you purchase it from Steinway.  No need to pay so much.  Call us instead!


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1886 “Statue of Liberty” Hazelton

This amazing piece of Americana was built in New York City by the famous and highly-regarded Hazelton Piano Company.  It is a special edition piano featuring rare art embellishments on the bronzed harp, and was built in 1886, the same year as the Statue of Liberty was being erected, and just 20 years after the end of the Civil War.  Own a rare piece of American history.


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Smith and Wesson Family Heirloom

1930 Steinway Model L

Owned by a member of the Wesson family, this piano has been passed down through the family for 90 years, until it was recently acquired by us.  Own a Steinway with a unique connection in American history.


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1899 Steinway Model I Upright

This is an extremely rare 1899 Model I Steinway upright.  Built on the principles of Steinway’s grand pianos.  Quote from the original catalog: “The Patent Cupola Steel Frame is constructed on the principle of our grand pianos, with Capo d’Astro Bar cast integrally.”  It features intricate detail, such as doric columns, pilasters, and moulding on the upper edge.  You simply can’t find a modern piano manufacturer who will go to the time and expense of creating such an elaborate case.


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1917 Steinway Model O Grand, Author Armstrong Sperry.

This was the personal piano of award-winning author and illustrator Armstrong Sperry.  Mr Sperry won the Newberry Medal in 1941 for his book Call it Courage.  He wrote and illustrated some 25 books, and illustrated dozens more.  One of his most famous illustrations was the cover for the first edition of Tarzan and the Lost Empire, by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1929.


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1913 Steinway Model M Grand Piano in Dark Mahogany

This piano was owned by a local Colorado family.  The great opera baritone Sherrill Milnes was a friend of the family, and often visited, singing and playing this piano.  Enjoy being the owner of this piano, playing the keys that were touched by the great baritone.


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Essex by Steinway Baby Grand Piano

This marvelous grand piano was designed by Steinway.  A customer with a 9′ concert grand told us she actually preferred the tone of this piano to her own concert instrument.  Yet the cost is far below her concert piano.  The case features subtle and tasteful Art Deco design references, adding a flair of luxury to the distinctive living room.


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1925 Steinway Model M Baby Grand Piano

This lovely Steinway grand was the house piano at the historic Mary’s Lake Lodge in Estes Park.  Restored by us to new condition, it is ready to fill your home with the distinctive richness of Steinway tone.


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Steinway Model 1098

New hammers make this Steinway upright sing.  For when you want Steinway tone, but you don’t have space for a grand piano.


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Steinert Grand Piano

The Steinert’s of Boston were close friends of the Steinways, and they were also one of the leading Steinway dealers of the era.  Interestingly, they also manufactured their own brand of pianos, and the Steinways not only didn’t mind, but apparently were happy for them to copy many of the unique features of Steinways.  The result is that Steinert piano enjoy a particularly fine reputation as “the Boston Steinways”.


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