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Sometimes you need a grand piano but you can’t or don’t want to buy one.  We offer one of the only collections of Steinway grand pianos in the country that is available exclusively for rental by our customers.


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When you need a Steinway

An Affordable Approach to Playing a Steinway

Many people would love to have a Steinway to play every day, but find the price way out of reach.  A new Steinway grand costs from $80,000 to well over $200,000.

Retirees.  Young professionals.  Parents with a talented child in piano lessons.  Professionals in town on temporary work assignments.  University piano majors.  Over the years, a wide variety of people have found our Steinway rental service to be the perfect solution for their needs.

Our Steinway rental service gives you a Steinway grand to enjoy with no obligation for as long as suits your needs.  The least expensive of our Steinway grands rent for $250/mo, while the most expensive are $450/mo.

All our Steinways are small to medium grands (under 6 feet long), so they to fit easily into any room.

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Finally.  A way to enjoy a Steinway grand without breaking the bank.

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