Touch & Tone Improvement

Just as important as tuning is keeping the touch and tone as good as when the piano left the factory.  Periodic adjustments to both tone and touch make your piano a pleasure to play.


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When your piano plays poorly

Touch & Tone

Over time, every piano loses some of the sparkly sound it had when it was new. We are able to bring your piano back to life with hundreds of regulation and restoration techniques for the action of the piano. These adjustments can apply to the hammers, whippens, backchecks, key levels, dampers, etc. All of which affect how the piano feels. If your piano sounds either too dull or too bright, chances are, it could benefit from some improvement to its action. 

Touch and tone improvement can range from an hour of needling the hammers to soften the piano’s sound all the way to a full replacement of the piano’s action. Your budget and desire for improvement will guide us in our recommendations.

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What People are Saying

“The touch is fabulous and the octaves are equal… it is the crown jewel it should be!”

Church Pianist, Allenspark Community Church, Steinway Upright

“Our 15-year old Steinway upright was just plain horrible to play! Trevor was called in – turned out it had never been properly regulated! Our piano is BETTER than new!”

Karolee M, Steinway Upright

“This masterful technician is who you want working on your piano!”

Nathan B, Steinway Upright

“Trevor was happy to help us select the most needed repairs. The piano sounds wonderful again.”

Diane H, German Upright

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